Articulating physiology knowledge about tissues for drug discovery

Histology information management relies on complex knowledge derived from morphological tissue analyses. These approaches have not significantly facilitated the general integration of tissue- and molecular-level knowledge across the board in support of a systematic classification of tissue function, as well as the coherent multi-scale study of physiology. Our work aims to support directly these integrative goals in general, and to achieve drug discovery objectives in particular.

About Bernard de Bono

Bernard de Bono, MD PhD, leads on the development of semantic interoperability infrastructure and standards for biomedical resources. In particular, he is developing the requisite computational infrastructure for the ontology-based annotation, sharing and inferencing of physiology-related semantic metadata to bridge resources generated by the Innovative Medicines Initiative and Virtual Physiological Human communities.

In addition, de Bono has developed the ApiNATOMY approach to ontology visualisation in support of more effective knowledge management by the physiology and pharmaceutical research communities. De Bono holds PI positions at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute and University College London.