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From molecules to humankind

The Physiome Project is a concerted effort to explain how each and every component in the body, from the scale of molecules up to organ systems and beyond, works as part of the integrated whole.

Developing a modelling framework

The Physiome Project is developing a multi-scale modelling framework for understanding physiological function that allows models to be combined and linked in a hierarchical fashion.

The Virtual Physiological Human

In this video Professor Professor Marco Viceconti provides an overview of the Virtual Physiological Human initiative to the audience at TEDxSheffield 2012.

A brief history of the Physiome Project

The concept of a Physiome Project was first presented in a report from the Commission on Bioengineering in Physiology to the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) Council at the 32nd World Congress in Glasgow in 1993.