FieldML is developed as a data model and accompanying API. Serialisation of FieldML will be via an XML file format, as well as other possible formats.

Initially, FieldML support is being developed for two key open source projects:

  • cmgui - visualisation application
  • OpenCMISS - large scale computational software

These two projects both have precursors to the FieldML data model and API, and as such serve to guide the design of FieldML.

FieldML 0.5 release

The FieldML API, and XML Schema for FieldML XML format version 0.5was released on 3 May 2012.

Download the source

The FieldML API version 0.5 is provided as source code, available from GitHub.

Read the documentation

The API programmers’ documentation (Doxygen) can be generated from the source code, or browsed at SourceForge.

View the XML schema

The FieldML 0.5 XML format is described by the XML Schema.

Contribute to the development of the FieldML API

We invite contributions, questions and feedback on FieldML via the ‘FieldML specification’ area of

You can also follow the FieldML tracker items RSS feed.