FieldML is a declarative language for representing hierarchical models using generalized mathematical fields. FieldML can be used to represent the dynamic 3D geometry and solution fields from computational models of cells, tissues and organs. It enables model interchange for the bioengineering and general engineering analysis communities.

Example uses are models of tissue structure, the distribution of proteins and other biochemical compounds, anatomical annotation, and other biological annotation.

The latest release of FieldML is version 0.5. The format is described in the following paper: Britten, Randall D., et al. “FieldML, a proposed open standard for the Physiome project for mathematical model representation.” Medical & biological engineering & computing (2013): 1-17.

It is available via this link or these links:

See also: Christie, G. Richard, et al. “FieldML: concepts and implementation.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 367.1895 (2009): 1869-1884. It is available here