Download Cmgui

Download Cmgui, the standalone application for 3-D visualisation and manipulation of mathematical field models.

Cmgui 3.0.0

This is the download page for the release of version 3.0.0 of Cmgui for Windows, Mac and Linux.


  1. Download the installer package for your platform (preferred) or the zip/tar.gz archive.
  2. In Windows, run the .exe and follow the installer wizard. On the Mac the dmg package should be automatically installed. In Linux, install the debian package with the following command line: sudo dpkg -i cmgui-3*.deb. The zip/tar.gz archives merely need to be uncompressed into the desired installation location and for paths and/or shortcuts to the cmgui application binary to be set up.

Getting Perl on Windows and Linux

Windows users need to install one of a few specific versions of perl up to v5.16 in order to run this release, for example ActivePerl 5.16 for Windows 64-bit.

Linux users may get errors about their version of Perl not being supported by Cmgui. If you get this problem, please mail the errors reported by Cmgui in the console and/or the version of the OS and Perl (type ‘perl —version’) to one of the Cmgui developers. In the interim, please install and use cmgui v2.9.

We intend to eliminate these issues with Perl in a future release.

Cmgui 2.9.0

This is the official release page for version 2.9.0 of Cmgui. Cmgui is available for the Windows and Linux platforms.

Release manager
Alan Wu

Enhancements in this release

Cmgui 2.9.0 has now been released, we have made a number of improvements in this release, including field storage, 3D visualisation and a mathematical field abstraction layer.

Please read the help page for information about migrating from an older version of Cmgui to 2.9.0

Documentation for the APIs can be found at:

Please visit our forum if you have any question regarding Cmgui.

Change log

API Changes
  • (New) Add CMISS_SCENE_VIEWER_INPUT_MODIFIER_NONE mode (New) Enable more field types for create/define fields APIs

Added Features (some incomplete)

3133 FieldML 0.5 import, replaces FieldML 0.4 import. 3184 Allowed reading data into a specific region.

Bugs fixed

Fixed several bugs causing occasional crashes:

  • 3115 Key presses now get sent to scene viewer callbacks
  • 3160 Fixed crashes caused when passing a null field to Cmiss_field_module_create_abs
  • 3167 Fixed setting linear filter for image field has no effect
  • 3181 Fixed crashes when passing null context to Cmiss_context_get_default_region
  • 3207 Fixed streamlines not showing on 2D models
  • 2512 Remove group regions, replaced by group fields
  • 3213 Improved field evaluation/assignment caching
  • Removed cmgui-motif from current build

Developer Versions

To try new Cmgui features in development, you can download the Developer Versions.