If you cannot find the information you need from the Cmgui Documentation, or if you encounter bugs or you wish to request new features, please use the following links.

Mailing Lists

For user support please e-mail the ‘users’ list (with ‘Cmgui’ in the subject line) described in:

OpenCMISS Mailing Lists


The Cmgui tracker section is where we track bugs, new features, design ideas and occasionally user queries. We only ever add code changes for items in the tracker. The Zinc Library tracker section may also have issues relevant to Cmgui.

Typically we ask users to first send issues and feature requests to the Users mailing list (see above) from which the developers will raise tracker items. However, feel free to search the tracker for issues and features that might be relevant to you. By creating an account on the tracker you can add your feedback to an existing issue. We stongly encourage users to add their interest in getting a feature or bug fix completed by posting to and CCing to the item: this helps us to increase the priority with which they are looked into.

Contacting another Cmgui user or a Cmgui developer

If you can not find the information you require then try contacting an existing Cmgui user, or a Cmgui developer. Auckland Bioengineering Institute staff currently developing Cmgui or able to provide support are:

Building Cmgui

Follow the Zinc, PyZinc and Cmgui Build Instructions.